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Area Verification in Holland , Holland and Holland

Another service that Rockwood Design, PC offers is area verification, using BOMA Standards. I will measure your tenant space or building using a Disto Laser, draw the project area using DataCAD and calculate the usable and rentable area of the spaces that can be used for your leases.

While the areas generated are as accurate as I can make them, keep in mind that the BOMA Standards are only guidelines, not code or law. The areas you choose to use for your lease areas are completely open to negotiation. The other use of these drawings is for marketing the properties. For example, the drawing shown here was used on the company website to illustrate available spaces, their configuration and room sizes as a starting place. Of course, Rockwood Design, PC is more than willing to use these drawings to prepare Construction Documents for the tenant! For more information, give me a call at (616) 403-5496 or (517) 290-6780 or email me at pete@rockwood3.com

Rockwood Design, PC 3D Rendering